Adventure Bear Cubs     

About Us


Hi, my name is Pat Krippendorf.  That’s me in the picture with my oldest nephew/Godson Patrick - he’s 10.

About 10 years ago I was in Paris, France and wanted to bring something special home for baby Patrick.  I wanted the gift to be fun, cuddly entertaining and educational.  Nothing really seemed to capture what I was looking for…until I found Louie! 

Louie was super cuddly and looked like lots of fun too.  So I took pictures of Louie all over Paris and created a story for Patrick ; that covered my last two criteria, educational & entertaining.

Yes, he still has both!

------   Fast forward to 2010   ----------


I spent 22 years in the travel industry which afforded me many opportunities to go to interesting places and learn lots from my adventures.  My travels, plus hundreds of hours entertaining my nephews and nieces, were the building blocks for the Adventure Bear Cubs.

I also took advantage of the fact that my sister Sue Sheehan teaches
first grade in Swampscott, Massachusetts and has her Masters in Special Education.  In collaborating with my sister and her colleagues I was able to refine my work and ensure an end result that was not just fun but educational too. 

My goal is to open a world of possibilities one adventure at a time for kids and inspire them to Always Be Curious!

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