Adventure Bear Cubs     

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Have you ever been so excited after visiting a place that you couldn’t wait to tell the kids back home all about it?  Somehow when I try to tell my friends about a new, exciting place they never seem as excited as me!

The Adventure Bear Cubs can help!  Places seem so much more interesting when someone who lives there tells you about them.  Follow your bear through their hometown city and see what is so fun and exciting.

After you see your bear’s hometown, maybe you want to show them around yours!  Your bear loves to travel in their own bear carrier and is always interested in a new adventure.

"Adventure Bear Cubs: Exploring Boston" was created with early childhood educators to excite children about new places and inspire a desire to learn more through their own exploration.


Your Adventure Bear Cub package includes; a 30 page hardcover book, bear carrier (drawstring backpack) and your own bear to take on your next adventure.

In “Adventure Bear Cubs: Exploring Boston” you will see the biggest bottle of milk…ever, a monster that isn’t scary at all and a wooden boat as strong as iron. Click here if you want to learn more about the book and take a peek inside. 

Click on the "I Want One" link to get yours today!

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